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Triangle EUR Euro 1.1391
Triangle USD US Dollar 1.2789
Triangle AUD Australian Dollar 1.6987
Triangle THB Thai Baht 42.8822
Triangle PLN Polish Zloty 4.7124
Triangle ZAR South African Rand 16.3967
Triangle CAD Canadian Dollar 1.7052
Triangle HRK Croatian Kuna 8.3061
Triangle TRY Turkish Lira 4.4814

Tourist Exchange Rates

Compare tourist exchange rates at the click of a button. At we like to make life SIMPLE for our visitors. Too often, comparing best currency exchange rates can be an arduous and unnecessarily overcomplicated task. Whether you are going away on holiday or have a business trip planned, you want to maximise your spending power abroad. We are here to help! We have found that ordering travel money online is the cheapest and best way to buy foreign currency. When you order travel money online with our panel of currency suppliers, it is important to look at the variety of collection and delivery options.

We compare all the major tourist exchange rates in the market to help you get the best deal. Compare the best currency exchange rates below and see how much you could save!

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Best European Tourist Exchange Rates

Euro 1.1391
Hungarian Forint 345.2060
Polish Zloty 4.7124
Bulgarian Leva 2.1907
Norwegian Krone 10.5722
Croatian Kuna 8.3061
Danish Krone 8.3555
Turkish Lira 4.4814
Swiss Franc 1.2357
Czech Republic Koruna 29.6692
Latvian Lev 0
Lithuanian Litas 0

Best Asia Tourist Exchange Rates

Japanese Yen 142.1030
Hong Kong Dollar 9.8622
Malaysian Ringgit 5.3233
Singapore Dollar 1.7506
Thai Baht 42.8822
Chinese Yuan 8.5263
Indonesia Rupiah 16091.8668

Best Australasia Tourist Exchange Rates

Australian Dollar 1.6987
New Zealand Dollar 1.7963

Best Africa Tourist Exchange Rates

South African Rand 16.3967
Kenyan Shilling 127.7580
Egyptian Pound 21.3088

Best North America Tourist Exchange Rates

US Dollar 1.2789
Canadian Dollar 1.7052

Best South America Tourist Exchange Rates

Brazilian Real 4.0362
Chilean Peso 794.1091
Mexican New Peso 22.9994

Best Middle East Tourist Exchange Rates

Saudi Arabian Riyal 4.7167
Bahrain Dollar 1.1706
Omani Rial 0.4861
Qatar Rial 4.5913
Israeli Shekel 4.4626
Jordan Dinar 0.8806
UAE Dirham 4.6740

Other Currencies - Best Tourist Exchange Rates

Eastern Caribbean Dollar 3.2953
Icelandic Krona 122.8846
Jamaican Dollar 158.2206
Phillipine Peso 60.7516
Bahamian Dollar 1.1706
Barbados Dollar 2.4266
Dominican Republic Dollar 57.0197
Fijian Dollar 2.5276
Mauritian Rupee 42.5689
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar 8.2866

Online Travel Money Delivery Options

It is important to check delivery times, as it is obviously in your interest for the foreign currency to arrive prior to departure. To check all these details in more depth, click through to our travel money suppliers from our comparison tables.

Our online travel money providers offer flexible delivery and pickup options. Some will offer home delivery, meaning your holiday money will arrive by a secured, special delivery to your front door. Alternatively, you can order online and pick up your holiday money at the airport or stipulated foreign exchange branch. Whatever it is you request, we have options to suit your travel money requirements!