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Prepaid Euro Cards Explained

With the help of, the travel rip-off stops here. Our selection of FREE to purchase Euro currency cards displayed in the comparison tables above are a perfect alternative to expensive airport kiosks and high street bureaus.

We dynamically aggregate live loadable euro exchange rates from all the major players. Compare Euro cards for travelling with the best euro exchange rates today.

How is a euro card different to taking my debit or credit card abroad?

The euro currency card is pre-loaded with foreign currency prior to your departure. This means you can budget exactly how much to spend on your trip and eliminate many of the transaction fees and charges associated with using a card abroad. Furthermore, the cards displayed above offer the most competitive exchange rates on the market, beating the high street by approximately 4% and airport kiosks by 8%.

Above, you will find best euro currency cards on the market from all the major prepaid travel card suppliers. The travel money card comparison table above highlights all information you require to base a decision, including: monthly fees, purchasing fees, ATM charges reload options etc.

All you have to do is click 'Check It Out' on your chosen euro currency card and enjoy the most competitive euro exchange rates (with no nasty hidden fees) for your next holiday or business trip.

Benefits of a Euro Prepaid Currency Card

Further benefits of taking advantage of a euro currency card today include:

What is a Euro Travel Money Card?

The euro travel money card is preloaded with euros before you go abroad. This has the benefit of alleviating charges and currency conversions typically associated with making purchases overseas. With the most competitive exchange rates on the market (4% better on average than the high street and 8% better than airport currency rates), you are likely to make a significant saving based on rate and cumulative fees by taking a euro card with you abroad.

Why get a Euro Travel Money Card?

Firstly, by preloading your euro currency card, you know exactly how much you have to spend on your trip to Europe. Based on the prepaid principle of no overdraft, there is no way you can go over budget or be in debt. With flexible reload options, you can always top up if funds are low. Furthermore, by taking a euro currency card, you do not need to be concerned about 'nasty' conversion charges or fees, as you are paying or withdrawing in Euros which has already been loaded onto the card.