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Prepaid South African Rand cards explained

Do you have a Krueger Nation Park safari getaway planned? Visiting family in Pretoria? Whether you are seeing the sites of Cape Town, Johannesbourg or Bloemfontein, we can help you maximise the value of your South African Rand. The travel money rip off stops here!

Compare top South African Rand prepaid cards

Above, you can compare and choose from our selection of prepaid South African Rand currency cards for the cheapest way to Convert pounds to South African Rand. Make the choice today to make your money go further when Spending money in South Africa and avoid those nasty overseas spending charges.

Whether you are travelling to USA on business or pleasure, taking with you a dollar currency card will certainly help maximise your spending power overseas and eliminate UK debit and credit card charges abroad. Whether you are buying the kids lunch or paying for activities, the US dollar currency card will alleviate many of the traditional fees and charges associated with using a credit card overseas. Quite simply, the card offers a safe, convenient and cost effective way to budget your trip. Above, we showcase live GBP to USD exchange rates for loading dollar currency cards.

What is a South African Rand currency card & how does it work

So how can I benefit from a ZAR travel card? Your prepaid card is topped up with South African Rand before your departure. You pay in sterling & your card provider will duly load the card with foreign cash. Remember, it’s a prepaid card so you can’t spend what you don’t have on the card. Not only will this help you be more organized with your vacation budget, but it will help you make great savings on your trip enabling you to indulge yourself on the umpteen number of experiences that South Africa has to offer be it game hunting or bird watching.

This is because your prepaid card enables you to dodge all those unforeseen transaction fees and hidden charges that you would otherwise incur when Using your UK Visa and Mastercard abroad. Also you get to lock in your South African Rand currency exchange rate in advance, so you get to take advantage of any unexpected increase in GBP / ZAR rate fluctuations when converting your Pounds to South African Rand.

Benefits of a South African Rand travel card

South African Rand currency cards compared by exchange rate & in-depth features

In the table displayed above you will find a comparison of South African Rand currency prepaid cards compared on an ‘apples by apples’ basis. Our comparison table is easy to navigate and guides you to all the information you will need to make the right decision, enabling you to easily compare live south african rand exchange rates (for loading), monthly fees, purchasing fees, ATM charges and top-up options.

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