Us Dollar Currency Card
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Prepaid US Dollar cards explained dynamically aggregate live loadable GBP to US dollar exchange rates from every major prepaid currency card supplier. Compare dollar cards for travelling with today’s best us dollar exchange rates.

What is a Dollar travel money card?

A dollar travel money card allows you to pre-load a designated amount of US dollars onto your currency card prior to departure. This brings many associated benefits such as being able to budget how much you have to spend abroad. Your lavish trip to America doesn’t anymore have to be considered play money! Furthermore, unlike your everyday debit and credit cards, using a US Dollar currency card will not incur any transaction charges applied to the card when using it in the same currency (i.e. US Dollars in the USA).

Why get a free dollar currency card instead of using my UK debit or credit card abroad?

Whether you are travelling to USA on business or pleasure, taking with you a dollar currency card will certainly help maximise your spending power overseas and eliminate UK debit and credit card charges abroad. Whether you are buying the kids lunch or paying for activities, the US dollar currency card will alleviate many of the traditional fees and charges associated with using a credit card overseas. Quite simply, the card offers a safe, convenient and cost effective way to budget your trip. Above, we showcase live GBP to USD exchange rates for loading dollar currency cards.

Benefits of a Euro Prepaid Currency Card

As your US Dollar currency card is pre-loaded with foreign currency prior to departure, you can budget your trip and not be hit with overcomplicated charges every time the card is used. Furthermore, with flexible reload options, if ever funds get low you have the perfect card to accompany your holiday.

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Further benefits of taking advantage of a dollar currency card today include: