Are standards dipping on the Eurostar?

Are standards dipping on the Eurostar?

The Eurostar has offered its high-speed railway service across the Channel Tunnel since 1994 and has been regarded as one of the cheapest and most reliable transport methods crossing the sea. However, after a recent delayed service from Avignon to London, it has come to travellers’ attention that perhaps, the standards of the Eurostar are not quite what they once were.

Passengers not seated together and out of order toilets seemed to have caused problems before the train even set off. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the problematic journey; the buffet cart offered next to no food with staff attempting to justify the problem by stating that the food usually gets sold out on the outward journey.

After quizzing other passengers, it has also been found that standards have been deteriorating over the years, from minor occurrences such as stained carpets to cardboard croissants to non-existent amenities such as a Wi-Fi connection. A spokesperson for the Eurostar mentioned that ‘Unfortunately on this service, a combination of a problem with the loading and the high demand over a long journey meant there was a shortage of products available, this is being addressed by our catering team.

It seems that the Eurostar will need to up its game in order to compete with the recent grant for the ‘Deutsche Bahn’ to operate across the Channel Tunnel from 2016 onwards. With the german competitor having excelled in its field more many years, proving high quality standards time and time again, it will be necessary for the Eurostar to ensure excellence is achieved and quality is not compromised, or the Eurostar will soon become a thing of the past, lost in outdated methods of transport.

Written by Sofia Kluge on Google+


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