How to save money on business trips

How to save money on business trips

Going on a business trip? Do you feel like you always spend more money than necessary? Business trips can be a relatively large expense however there are a number of ways to decrease these outgoings and expenses. We bring you some of the top tips on saving money when on a business trip so you can spend less!

In today’s episode of MyTravelMoneyTV, Sofia guides you through the best way to save when going on business trips abroad.
Find out how to maximise the money you spend on your business trips making your money go further. Our top tips will ensure that you can plan in advance and finally leave the hassle and extortionate business travel expenses behind.

Welcome to another episode of MyTravelMoney TV. This week I am going to go through some of the best ways to save money when on a business trip. Whether you are travelling short-haul for a client meeting in Milan or long-haul to set up an office in New York, maybe you’re just an annual traveller or even a seasonal veteran but whatever the case, there are many ways to decrease your expenditure when abroad. With these top tips, I can assure you that you will be up and away and spending less money in no time on your next business trip. So, let’s take a look at the options!

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1. Using your phone abroad
Everyone knows about data roaming and how it racks up your phone bill when abroad and no matter how many time we’re told to keep our phones switched off I’m sure you all know how hard it is, especially when it’s only to be greeted with copious email overload when you switch it back on! Luckily we’ve got a solution for that. Sending a couple of text messages actually works out more expensive than speaking on the phone, so DO make that important phone call! But, above all, avoid the guilty party: calling your voicemail, because that really is the biggest offender on your wallet! Instead ask colleagues to send you an e-mail to pick up when you have-wifi rather than leave a message on your mobile.

2. Preplan as much as you can
Granted, many business trips are booked last minute and the time to organise and plan transport from A to B isn’t exactly ample however using certain Apps such as Über allow you to book cabs in over 18 countries which save you the hassle of locating a taxi rank on arrival at your destination and then the struggle of trying to haggle with drivers in a foreign language. If that wasn’t enough, some of these apps even allow you to choose the car that picks you up. Pretty snazzy!

3. Prepaid Currency Cards
You may not even have heard of these but they are an ingenious new way of not only saving you money, but also time and the hassle of currency exchange. Prepaid currency cards can be obtained from almost any foreign currency supplier and allow you to preload money from the convenience of your bank account to the card, fixed at that day’s rate. So not only can you benefit from great exchange rates in advance prior to travelling but you can also use the card across the globe as if it were a debit card. If that doesn’t sound tempting enough, if the card is lost, it can easily be locked and replaced unlike cash and you can avoid the hassle and expense of high mark-ups if you were to buy your travel money at the bank or airport.

4. Buy your travel money online
Try to avoid buying your currency last minute at airport bureaus; once you’re there, you’re captive and constrained to extortionate rates at the foreign exchange. Banks and post offices offering low commission may sound tempting but even they tend to sell money at poor rates. Luckily, there are websites which will find you the fairest and cheapest deals on your currency, saving you up to 10% on your travel money and will even deliver it straight to your door the next day, giving you more time to plan that presentation and spend less time in that queue at the airport foreign exchange bureau. Now doesn’t that sound great! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and will benefit from some of these tips on saving money on your next business trip.

Written by Sofia Kluge on Google+


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