Top 7: world’s most bizarre restaurants

Top 7: world’s most bizarre restaurants

If the thought of going out for yet another boring restaurant meal leaves you feeling uninspired, take heart! There are many weird and wonderful eateries around the world which will tickle your taste buds, lift your spirits, and perhaps leave you a little confused. has compiled a list of the world’s top 7 most unusual restaurants. Just for fun.

Kayabukiya Tavern-Japan

What do you get when you pay your waiters peanuts? You get served by monkeys! At Kayabukiya Restaurant, the star attractions are the owner’s pet primates who, after years of watching their faithful master at work, thought they could do a better job. They do.

Hobbit House-Philippines

Owned and staffed entirely by… uhm… vertically challenged people, the Hobbit House Restaurant is a quirky little place indeed. But don’t fear, the portions are big…and so is the furniture.

Dinner in the sky-International

Following a concept which originated in Belgium, a ‘dinner in the sky’ is not for the faint hearted, or those suffering from vertigo. A crane is used to hoist the guests, and the table, over 50 meters into the air. The service is now available in many cities like Paris and Las Vegas. Whilst the views from your table must be the best money can buy, if you have the peculiar habit of getting up from your table half way through your meal, we suggest you don’t.

Disaster Café – Spain

Should you ever feel like you’re missing out on the fun of all the natural disasters which seem to be occurring around the world, don’t despair! The guys at Disaster Café have come up with a joint which will shake you to the core, literally. Trying to hang on to your paella, while experiencing a simulated 7.8 earthquake, is quite the challenge.

Conflict Café-USA

There’s nothing like a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ to send you into culinary ecstasy. At the Conflict Café however, this is more likely to come in the shape of a chocolate cake with double-fat-cream. Serving only food from countries the US is in conflict with, we imagine the menu is ever-growing.

Blackout (Israel)

They say that when one sense is diminished, all the others are heightened. That sure is the case at this restaurant, where dinner is served in total darkness and your meals are presented by blind waiters. Whether the chef is blind or not is completely irrelevant because, quite frankly, we don’t know what we ordered, and certainly have no idea what we ate. But let us tell you, by the time we demolished the table with our clumsiness and managed to get a mouthful of food in the right orifice…it was delicious!

Ogori Café – Japan

At this trendy little place you order your meal but you get what the guy before you ordered; and the guy after you will get what you ordered. Good luck.

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