Top 5 free city travel navigation mobile apps

Top 5 free city travel navigation mobile apps
Mobile Apps for City Break

Getting around a new city can be tricky. Between road works, traffic jams and one way systems, even the most experienced of travellers can find navigating their way around to be a massive challenge.

So, whether it’s business in Tokyo, vacation in Florence or a school trip to Frankfurt, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 city travel mobile apps that will help take the stress out of your city break.

They’re all free, and available to use with Android and Windows phones. Just download them, store them and open them up the next time you travel!


1. HopStop

The ultimate public transport app – HopStop lets you track any journey via bus, train, subway or by foot, and it is available in more than 68 cities all over the world.

Just type in the address of your destination and no matter where you want to go, the app will help you to map out your easiest route via public transport. You can also customise the routes which you use the most, and save journeys that you may need to take again.

Hint: When you’re travelling, make sure you keep your HopStop notifications on so that you can receive real-time traffic updates and public transport delays straight to your phone.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.



2.Hailo / Uber

Taxis are a necessary and comfortable solution for travelling around any bustling city. As a staple of London living, black cabs are the perfect way to get around. Finding one at 4am after a night out in Dalston however, may not always be so easy. The Hailo app uses your phone’s existing GPS to make your location visible to all licensed black cabs in the area – all you have to do tap ‘pick me up’ and your nearest cab will start driving towards you.

Alternatively, you could jump on the Uber bandwagon. Available across 46 different countries, including New York, London and Canada, Uber links you to a licensed driver in your area. It definitely beats standing on a freezing corner trying to hail a taxi – or worse, taking the dreaded night bus…

Hint: Want to make an entrance at an important event? When in London check out Uber’s premium option, Uber Lux and travel in the comfort of a BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 or Mercedes S-Class.

Both Hailo and Uber are available on iPhone and Android.



Of course, if you’re going to be taking taxis all over the city, you’re going to need some cash. The PinPin ATM finder covers more than 220 countries across the world, identifying all the nearest cash machines wherever you are.

Once you have access to cash, the whole city is yours for the taking.

Available on Windows Phone.


4. Find My Car

Every car owner has experienced that moment of panic – “where did I leave my car?”In a foreign city or unfamiliar part of town or it can be even harder to retrace your steps and get back to your vehicle.

The ‘Find My Car’ app pins your parking space on a map, and gives you clear directions back to your car from wherever you are. It uses GPS so you can use it anywhere it the world, even if you don’t have access to WiFi

Available on iPhone and Android


5. Museums Mobile

There’s no way you can travel to a new city without soaking up all of the local culture it has to offer.

Navigate your way around all of the closest museums and galleries to you with Museums Mobile, one of the best free apps for culture vultures. With information on thousands of museums across the world, switch it on when you arrive in a new city and take your pick from the local sights.

Hint: Step out of your comfort zone. Literally. Make your way to a lesser known part of town and spend an afternoon exploring some hidden gems. It’s something new you can even do in your home town!

Available on Windows Phone

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