How to go on a Safari and keep safe

How to go on a Safari and keep safe

Ever dreamt of falling asleep to the echoes of roaring lions and laughing hyenas? A camping safari in Africa is a once in a lifetime experience. However, to make sure it’s not the very last thing you do in life, has enlisted the help of a professional and compiled this guide, to help ensure that you have a safe trip…and don’t end up becoming lunch.

Listen to your guide:

They have infinite knowledge of the dangers you face and will give you clear instructions. Take note and trust that you are in good hands. However…do pay close attention to what they do, not just what they say. Should your guide start scrambling up a tree without saying a word, do the same.

Don’t be fooled:

By the huge, clumsy and funny looking hippos. Their jaw can snap a crocodile in two. They are very territorial, aggressive and kill more people every year than any other large animal in Africa. Really, trust us, they’re not that cute. KEEP AWAY.

Stay in your tent:

No matter what happens, stay in your tent. Your chances of survival are infinitely higher if you stay put. Should your camp be invaded in the middle of the night by something bigger than a meerkat, keep quiet, don’t turn on your torch and for Pete’s sake don’t take any photos!

Hold it:

No matter how embarrassing you think peeing in an empty plastic bottle is, imagine how much more embarrassing it would be trying to explain to your next partner why you only have one butt cheek. Don’t ask for a pee stop whilst on a game drive! Plan well, go beforehand or suffer.

Always ask:

Before venturing anywhere, ask your trusty guide whether it is safe for you to venture outside your campsite. That unassuming hill next to the camp could be a hideout for hungry things.

Whatever you do don’t run:

It may be clichéd but it’s true: there’s really nothing here you can outrun! Should you come face to face with a ferocious beast, spread you arms out wide and give an almighty roar. If said beast doesn’t get scared away, he’ll wee himself laughing which will give you time to hide.

So pack your sleeping mat, sunscreen and camera and venture into the wilderness. Oh, and before we forget, for all your travel money needs, don’t forget to compare travel money options and visit


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