How to behave on an organized tour group

How to behave on an organized tour group

While the benefits of organized travel are immense (after all the best moments in life are better shared) be aware that being in such close proximity to people you’ve never met before can be rather challenging. There’s certainly a chance of making lifelong friendships; but keep in mind that you may also be stuck sharing a room or a tent with the world’s loudest snorer, your holiday romance can turn into a Fatal Attraction and your unintentionally obnoxious behavior give the guide homicidal tendencies.

Never fear, is here! We’ve enlisted the expertise of a tour guide to compile this survival guide. Follow these simple steps and you can avoid turning your next holiday into a nightmare…for everyone.

Be considerate:

Do you snore? Can some of your traits irritate others? A little thought can go a long way into avoiding unnecessary grief. If in doubt, consult your guide! Together, you may find a simple solution; while most tours advertise shared accommodation, they will all make exceptions if need be.

Pace yourself:

It’s all so exciting on day one! There are 24 of you: all young, hip and happening. Everyone’s rearing to go and after the first hour you’re convinced you’re the luckiest person on earth and have just landed a ‘dream’ group. Take it easy. You can’t keep that up for weeks on end; eventually someone’s going to get on your nerves. So take some time out for yourself and establish some ‘privacy’ by reading a book or listening to some music. Trust us; your sanity will thank you in the long run.

Think before you speak:

Your best buddies may be well used to your crude jokes or twisted sense of humor. But these people don’t know you. First impressions last. Make it a good one and introduce yourself gingerly.

Don’t badger the guide:

Whenever you are about to ask the guide something (when are we leaving/arriving etc), remember that 24 other people have just done the same thing. Moreover, chances are your guide has already told you…five times. As much as we love the sound of our own voices, we really do give you information because you need to know. So listen up when we speak.

Don’t leave your brain at home:

I was once asked by a 45 year old man if he should “go to the toilet now, or in 10 minutes?” Knowing his urinary habits was not a condition of employment and I told him so. I know the best thing about having a tour guide is that you don’t have to think much…but please do think some.

Read the fine print:

Some tours are participational, meaning you may be required to do some food shopping, cooking and washing up. If you have an anaphylactic allergy to ANY of those activities, you should really book with someone else. We don’t want to hear that you hate cooking…when you’re on cooking duties. Don’t just look at the unbelievably cheap price…read the entire brochure. Or bring your mum along.

Now pack your ear plugs, deodorant and headphones and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Before you head off, compare travel money options by checking out

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    Hi! This is a good list. Thank you for sharing :)

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