Weekly Mystery Shop | Dont Be A Vicitim Of Airport Bureua Marketing Gimmicks!

Weekly Mystery Shop | Dont Be A Vicitim Of Airport Bureua Marketing Gimmicks!

MyTravelMoney.co.uk Mystery Shop

£600 worth of €urosExchange RateAmount of €Mid Market Rate% Margin applied by provider
Travel FX - Online1.246748.8461.2661.555
Moneycorp - Online1.2407745.6611.2661.974
Icici - Online1.2393
Mands - High Street1.2129
Lloyds High Street1.196718.7361.2665.513
Moneycorp - Gatwick1.139684.4191.26610.025
Travelex - Heathrow1.133681.1731.26610.451

MyTravelMoney Mystery Shop data is collected in real time on July 22th from 10:30am-11:00am

Key Findings

  • Maximize your holiday money and purchase it online, with markups as low as 1%!
  • Banks and airport exchange bureaus will try to get you with their marketing gimmicks, such as ‘No Fees.’ Don’t be fooled!
  • Currency converting specialists are your new best friends. They’ll help you stay as close to the market rate as they can and avoid markups as high as 10%.
  • The best indication of the value of a purchase comes from the exchange rates proximity to the market rate. The closer the rate is, the more you get for your buck.

Co-founder of MyTravelMoney Stevan Litobac comments:

“Once you know that you want your exchange rate to be as close to the market rate, you start to research. Once you research, it becomes obvious that online is the place to look for the best deals for your holiday money. Online you find markups as low as 1%-2%. That’s a save not worth missing out on!”

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Aviva Tabachnik is Partnerships Executive at MyTravelMoney.co.uk - google +


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