A Traveller’s Guide to Space

A Traveller’s Guide to Space

Once upon a time space travel seemed near impossible especially for those of us who weren’t scientists and astronauts. But, as our knowledge of space continues to grow, the idea of space travel for the common muggle who has no knowledge of much more than the order of the planets. Not that space holidays will be for all of us, it’s true that it will originally be reserved for the mega rich but as the technology progresses and becomes more commonplace it’s not too obscene to imagine a holiday home on the Moon or a chalet in a little place on Venus.

Okay, so I must admit, I thought Richard Branson ‘Virgin Galactic’ idea was a grandiose pipe dream. But, with talks of collaborations with NASA and an ever looming launch date (no exact date has been announced but the general census is ‘soon’), it seems he may’ve really pulled it out of the bag again and turned his ambitions into reality. The layouts and systems devised also look pretty well thought out and scientific…although it’s not like I really understand it.

So what would it be like to launch off to space for a summer holiday? Well, it seems on the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two will give customers 6 minutes of weightlessness whilst allowing them to leave their seats during this time. The flight will be approximately two hours and fly higher than 110km which is past the Kármán line- the line which marks the boundary between space and earth. Of course I’m sure the view would be awing and it might even be the kind of experience which causes one to have an epiphany about their place in the world etcetera but, for the extortionate cost versus the short amount of time in space, I can’t help but think perhaps the people who are buying these tickets are doing so just for the exclusivity and bragging rights it will no doubt give.

With competitors also making plans for their own public space travel it’s likely space travel will become a more reasonable price as the market becomes more competitive. I’m looking forward to the developments of this in the future and will be watching eagerly for public space travel and the revolutionary impact it could have on our day-to-day lives. It does make you wonder though, if aeroplane takeoff is bad then what will a spaceship be like.

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