Top 20 Twitter friendly travel bloggers for 2013

Top 20 Twitter friendly travel bloggers for 2013

Here we pinpoint some of the most prolific bloggers of 2012 from our Twittersphere – each one of them worth watching in 2013…

1) I Love My Trips

Graeme Evans of I Love My Trips tops our bill for hosting a really great blog, which is an absolute pleasure to read. Graeme, who’s based in Manchester, pens an eclectic mix of travel posts on the likes of travel art to news and reviews. To us, it’s travel blogging with brains. Not only that, but readers can expect to read up on a whole host of travel related experiences, including those involving hotels, flights and car insurance – and might even glean some tips. But we particularly love Graeme’s posts on how travel inspires art and can’t get enough of his brilliant blog, which is really easy on the eye too. No wonder the guy has 148,474 Twitter followers – he’s a true expert in his field. Follow @ILoveMyTrips

2) Everywhere Trip

Nomadic Gary Ardnt is a poor man’s Michael Palin – if he doesn’t mind us saying so – and there’s practically nowhere the guy hasn’t been. He’s an award winning travel blogger and photographer who dubs himself ‘a one-man National Geographic’ – a title with which we agree wholeheartedly. This man has travelled all seven continents over the last 15 years and has experience of more than 120 countries. Follow @EverywhereTrip

3) Nomadic Matt

Find Nomadic Matt in any one of a number of countries for this experienced blogger has been travelling the world for the past six years and has no intention of stopping now. His plight is to prove that travel needn’t be expensive and that anyone can explore the world – for which we applaud him. We can’t help but love his Fraggle Rock alter ego too. Follow @nomadicmatt

4) Go See Write

Michael Hodson, who hails from the US (somewhere), has been travelling since 2008. His initial mission was to circle the planet with no reservations and without leaving the ground – something he achieved in just 16 months and has been smitten with ever since… Follow @GoSeeWrite

5) Runaway Juno

Enter Runaway Juno – aka Juno Kim – who’s a spiritual type, firmly believing in karma and suchlike. She’s a travel blogger, freelance writer, photographer and serial career changer but one thing she never is… is boring. Follow her exploits in which she ponders astronomy and enthuses at the wonder of life. Follow @RunawayJuno

6) Kirsten Alana

A self-confessed ‘Jackie of all trades’, Kirsten is, by profession, a mobile photographer perpetually living out of a suitcase. She lends her hand to anything travel related and can currently be found plundering Australia (we think) – a great, elusive lady to follow @KirstenAlana

7) Hole in the Donut

Barbara Weibel ditched a high flying corporate career to become a travel writer and photographer and has never looked back. She writes with a ‘real life’ take on her travel exploits, citing the people she encounters and their personal stories – something which isn’t regularly done in the world of travel blogging. It’s refreshingly personal, to which many can relate – although we can’t quite figure the donut reference.Therefore, we suggest you watch her like a hawk. Follow @holeinthedonut

8) Jayney Travels

Jayne Gorman landed the Travel Blogger of the Year title in 2011 – courtesy of the British Travel Press Awards – and continues to be a mainstay on the travel blogging circuit. After initially catching the travel bug in 2007, Jayne went on to launch the Flight Centre UK Travel Blog and still contributes to a number of high profile sites, including The Huffington Post. Follow @jayneytravels

9) Liz Jarvis UK

Lovely Liz is a journalist, blogger and travel magazine editor so it’s fair to say she knows her stuff. She writes The Mum Blog, which certainly isn’t about nappies and runny noses. Far from it, in fact, as this intrepid word-smith covers all manner of pressing topics, from opinion posts to beauty and entertainment and family holiday reviews – with a few daredevil travel adventures thrown in for good measure. Follow @LizJarvisUK

10) Karen Edwards

We really love Karen Edwards’ style and she certainly puts a funky spin on travel. Her laid back writing style is music to our… em… eyes? She’s an uber cool entertainment and travel writer for a range of UK magazines and newspapers and definitely worth keeping an eye on if you want to be at the forefront of what’s happening around the world. Follow @KarenNEdwards

11) Sexy Fun Traveler

If you want to learn how to flirt on the road, learn about romantic – or even sexy places to visit – and generally have a good, light hearted read, Alexandra Kovacova’s your gal. Born in Slovakia, Alexandra likes to blog about crazy travel, fun adventures and feature sexy photos. She’s passionate about spa experiences, swimming, snorkelling, massages, adventures, flying, beaches, hiking, animals, city breaks and much more around the world. There’s never a dull moment – follow @sexyfuntraveler

12) Bitten by the Travel Bug

Journalism student Nicole Blaess-Smith is here, there and everywhere – travelling the world one step at a time. She has been well and truly ‘bitten by the travel bug’ and has a nice little blog to boot. She invites other travellers to help her find a ‘cure’ by exploring the world little by little. It gives a great insight to what it’s really like visiting destinations for the first time and, since it’s written by a potential journo, the writing is much better than many other blogs around. Follow @NicoleTravelBug.

13) World of James

Meet James Ellis – a journalist, photographer, trainer, consultant and travel industry specialist who was born in a pub in South Yorkshire. He caught the travel bug when his mother moved to Greece when he was 10. Since then, James has visited more than 80 countries and, believe it or not, is the proud owner of twin cats. Follow @worldofjames

14) Marks Travels

Travel blogger, writer, photographer and wine enthusiast Mark Sukhija is based between the UK and Switzerland after leaving the corporate IT industry behind. He writes beautifully and his pictures are sights to behold. He blogs enthusiastically about Europe and, of course, Switzerland in particular. Follow @MarksTravels

15) Rachel Cotteril

Based in Gloucestershire (that’s the gorgeous Cotswolds to you and I), Rachel describes herself as ‘an unashamed polymath, novelist, travel writer & blogger, and computational linguist’. Her blog is a bit of a mixed bag but there’s certainly a really good travel section. Her online map pinpoints the places she’s visited and the places she’d like to while the blog features lots of destinations across Europe, The Middle East, Asia and beyond. We think it’s a fab site for students considering a gap year. Follow @rachelcotteril

16) A Lady in London

A Lady in London is not only a travel writer and consultant, but a Californian expat living in London – so, as you can imagine, she has many insights to share. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, Time Out and Lonely Planet and she’s visited no less than 90 countries. In fact, she’s so travel savvy, she teaches travel related social media classes – just one of her many talents. Follow @aladyinlondon

17) The Travelling Fool

Based in The Balkans, The Travelling Fool is a freelance writer, blogger and, of course, frequent traveller. His pictures are very, very cool and he teaches his readers to enjoy the simpler things in life through his writing and snapshots of daily life across the globe. His title may be derogatory but, take it from us, this traveller is certainly no fool. Follow @TheTravelFool

18) Oneika the Traveller

Oneika is a Canadian blogger and self confessed travel junkie living in London. She blogs about travel across Europe and beyond and answers all manner of travel related questions, such as ‘what type of camera should I use?’ and ‘I want to teach abroad. Which subjects should I get certified in?’ in her ‘Oneika Answers’ slot. All in all, it’s a great read – and often helpful too. Follow @OneikaTraveller

19) Michele Aggiato

Prolific travel blogger and founder of Travel Blogger Elevator, Michele is, of course, one of our favourites. With roots in Sicily, having been born in Switzerland and falling in love in Germany, it’s no wonder he’s got itchy feet. A pioneer when it comes to travel, Michele even founded the first Italian Twitter chat about holiday and travel. Follow @MicheleAggiato

20) Gary Bembridge

Last but not least is Gary Bembridge – a London-based travel and marketing blogger who likes to share his own tips. He pens a nice little blog with great pics and is a huge fan of luxury cruises. In fact, if it’s cruise tips you’re looking for, be sure to take a gander. We have high hope for the future of this blog. Follow @garybembridge

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