World Cup Brazil 2014 – The Do’s & Don’ts

World Cup Brazil 2014 – The Do’s & Don’ts

Once again our resident travel blogger, Maggie, is back with more tips for you! Maggie runs dedicated to providing help and advice on travelling or moving to Brazil


1. Do eat the street food. It is some of the best food in Brazil and it’s unbelievably cheap. TIP: Coxinha and Pastel are much adored and probably the most popular snack available at all little bars and cafes. Fancy trying to make some? Here’s a great recipe for coxinha.


2. Do try a BBQ, or churrasco as they call it in Brazil. Think of the ultimate buffet of charred and grilled meats and you’re thinking of churrasco.

TIP: These popular restaurants are more of a southern Brazilian tradition but you’ll find churrasco restaurants everywhere. Pay a set price to help yourself to a vast array of salads, side dishes and dressings. The waiters then arrive with huge skewers of all kinds of meat and they keep bringing them until you admit defeat.


3. Do make an effort to get to know the people! In many ways they’re old fashioned but that’s no detriment. Brazilians are some of the kindest, friendliest, craziest, fun, party people. If they’re having trouble communication, they’ll keep trying to with hand gestures until you find common ground.

TIP: Futebol is a common ground, so when looking for a conversation starter use futebol.

4. Do buy a local “pay as you go” sim card for your smart phone/tablet. It’s cheap and works well in populated areas. Claro, Vivo and Tim work best round Rio and a Tim chip for a 3 or 4G ipad is 0,50c a day.

TIP: International roaming for data and calls is way more expensive in Brazil than it is in other countries, so really think twice about not buying a simcard!


5. Do bargain when shopping. Remember the phrase “quanta custa” which means “how much.”

TIP: For up to a 10% discount on an item simply ask “desconto a vista,” which means you want to pay the total amount in one payment. This is important as Brazilians spread payments over 10 or 12 months. Generally most shops happily give a discount for a quick-and-easy full purchase, doesn’t matter if it’s cash or card.

The Aparttment Launch Party

6. Do drink the beer, imported spirits are expensive compared to the beer in Brazil and boy do Brazilian’s love cold beer! Try the local bars, there’s generally a football game playing on a TV.

TIP: Brazil also has a lot of fantastic microbreweries that brew light and dark beers. Even if you don’t normally drink beer there’s a good chance you’ll find something you like. Check out BooksontheTable, a blogger with a love for Brazilian beer.


7. Do try to drink lots of the coco de agua, coconut water. Not only is it super nutritious but it’s sold ice cold on most street corners. It’s what the locals drink and should cost about 50p.

TIP: The bonus of coco de agua is it’s great at sorting out a dodgy tummy!

7. Do watch the locals play futèbol for free. You don’t need to be at a World Cup stadium to watch fantastic football in Brazil. A game can be found on nearly every street corner or beach. Brazilians love their futèbol and you’ll struggle to find such skillful or passionate amateur football anywhere else in the world.

TIP: Learn how to play futèbol like Brazilians! Check out schools in Brazil Here!



1. Don’t expect Brazil to be like Europe. The PC brigade and health and safety haven’t taken over Brazil…yet! You’re an adult, Brazil will not play nanny, you’ll need to take personal responsibility for yourself.

TIP: Make sure that you have travel insurance along with your health insurance! They’re both very recommended when travelling abroad.


2. Don’t do dangerous things that you’d never dream of doing back home, like going off with strangers. Do as you would do if you had a day in London, stay in the busy well-lit areas and you’ll be fine.

TIP: Keep your pricey and shiny things, such as iPads, smartphones and so-on near you at all times.


3. Don’t ever lie about insurance claims! If you recall back some time there were two young British girls that got rumbled by Brazilian Police for making a fraudulent claim. They then spent time in a very nasty female prison and lost their new careers as lawyers.

TIP: Save your time and energy and go do fun things while you’re in Brazil.


4. Don’t drink too many caipirinhas. The national cocktail has plenty of liquor in it and when mixed with time in the sun you may become vulnerable to bad situations.

TIP: If you’re out late drinking, stay with group of people!


5. Don’t think it never gets chilly in Brazil. At night you’ll need a light fleece or jacket unless you’re in the north. Snow is a rare thing in Brazil but temperatures can drop at night and few place have heating. Brazil is the size of Europe with many different weather patterns.

TIP: Bring something warm incase temperatures drop.


6. Don’t forget to pack an adapter when organizing for your trip. You’ll never find a UK specific adapter here, only universal ones.

TIP: For the prices of 10 adapters in London, you’ll get one in Brazil.


7. Don’t go into the Brazilian Favellas at night or alone, make sure you always go with a large group of people and when it is well-lit outside!

TIP: Be sure to always pack a flashlight with you, it is essential for any travel related emergency!

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