Top 5: world’s weirdest festivals

Top 5: world’s weirdest festivals

Should you be one of those delusional people who think we live in a normal world, inhabited by normal people, please do read on. has compiled a list of the world’s weirdest festivals, just to prove how wrong you really are.

Moose Dropping Festival-Talkeetna, Alaska

Ever wondered how much fun it would be trying to catch moose poo that’s being dropped from a hot air balloon? Well here’s your chance to find out! Every July, in the town of Talkeetna in Alaska a festival is held to praise the almighty holy droppings of their beloved beasts. Prizes are awarded for the most catches. Charming.

But take heart, the town is also a renowned salmon capital, so you could be pelted with dead fish instead. Come to think of it, we’re not sure which is worse.

Cooper’s Hill Annual Cheese Rolling-Gloucester, England

What do you get when a bunch of drunken English men chase a 15kg piece of cheese downhill? An absolute riot! Man vs cheese would have to be one of the wackiest contests on the planet, and exactly what happens at the annual Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucester. It is not uncommon for contestants to suffer broken bones, bruises and various other injuries in the process, but we think it’s all worthwhile. If you beat the cheese…you get to take it home!

La festa del cornuto-Roca Canterano, Italy

Trust the hot-blooded Italians to come up with a heartbreak festival of dramatic proportions. Held annually in a small town outside the Italian capital, the ‘Festival of the Horned’ may seem rather peculiar to outsiders; but considering the ‘horns’ are the metaphorical symbol for being cheated on, it all starts to make sense after a while. Or maybe it doesn’t. Heartbroken men don giant horns and parade down the main street crying, wailing and displaying other wrenching symptoms of their heartbreaks; all the while destroying various objects belonging to their once-beloved partners. If it wasn’t so funny to watch, it would almost be sad.

Testicle Festival-Montana, USA

Nothing like a mouthful of cowboy’s caviar to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your spirit! Granted you can keep it down that is. This is one tough-guy festival we must say, where participants indulge in all that is testicularly delicious. At the Rock Creek Lodge, for two days every year (as if one isn’t enough) a festival is held as a tribute to the Rocky Mountain Oyster, or for us ignorant folks, bull testicles. They’re crumbed and fried, boiled, braised and sautéed; yet no matter the cooking method, there’s just no getting away from the main ingredient. Only one question arises… why?

Baby Jumping Festival-Castrillo de Murcia, Spain

We were surprised to discover that the mortality rate of babies born in Castrillo de Murcia is the same as in every other Spanish city. You see, every year (and for the last 400) a Festival takes place which involves local men dressing up as Satan, jumping over newborn babies which have been gingerly placed on mattresses all the way down the main drag. The ritual is supposed to cleanse their tiny little innocent souls of eternal damnation. FAIL. Do this at any other time of the year and you’re bound to get arrested, for good reason.

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