Free information on how to travel for business easily

Free information on how to travel for business easily

Don’t you just hate airports and the hassle that comes with them? If you answered ‘no’ then perhaps you’re already a business-travel pro. For the rest of you help is at hand! This article kindly brought to you by the editorial team at is here to transform you into the travel pro we know you can be. So read on to find out how to make your business trips that much more manageable.

Travelling with just carry-on luggage

Okay, that subtitle alone may have scared you but come back from cowering behind your ergonomic office chair, we’ll get through this together. So, we all know the positives of carry-on luggage without checking in any luggage but for many of us it seems like a pipedream. We see those smug-looking, laidback travellers stroll past the baggage carousel with not so much as a sheen to their face nor a hair out of place…these people are the travelling pros. They’re the kind of flyers we wish we could be but doubt we can. We look at our suitcase scornfully and mutter “why couldn’t you just fit into carry-on? Why were you the last one to come round on the carousel?” Well, here are a few tips to help you travel with just carry-on.

Type of luggage

First of all you’ll want to figure out the size regulations for carry-on luggage specific to the airline you’re flying with. Make sure you keep within these measurements as it’ll be more than annoying to get to the airport and have to check-in your luggage after all the careful planning. It’s best to go for a soft sided case as it’ll be lighter and easier to squish into the bag sizer…it’ll also make a better seat/pillow whilst waiting for your flight. A holdall is a good choice or, if you’re packing especially light you might be able to get away with a large rucksack. Think about something with a handle and wheels but remember to stay within the measurements.

What to bring

First of all think about what you need vs. how long you’ll be away. Obviously you need a certain amount of underwear/socks, but as for the rest you’re going to have to build a ‘capsule wardrobe’. A capsule wardrobe is a small amount of clothes that can be mixed and matched in many different ways to create lots of different looks with only a small amount of clothes. Choose a colour palette which is both suitable and easy to match. You could go with Black, white and navy, neutral colours etc. Now with the colour palette chosen it’ll be easier to interchange the clothes to make lots of outfits. It’s much easier to bring less trousers/skirts and just bring a couple of different shirts or blouses instead as a plain pair of black business trousers are less likely to be noticed then the same red top two days in a row. When bringing a heavy jacket make sure you wear it to the airport to save on packing space. The same must apply for shoes- you really don’t need that many and the bulkier pair should be worn onto the plane with you. Make sure they’re easy enough to get off for security checks though.

Packing it all up

You CAN fit it in – stop panicking. For help on how to pack a suitcase visit our article here.

As for liquids, there are obviously certain limits to what you’re allowed to take and these should be in a clear plastic bag (freezer bags are good) and preferably in a pocket or somewhere easy to retrieve them from when going through security. Consider whether you really need all the liquids you think you do. Shampoo, shower gel and soap is normally provided in hotels and you can most definitely buy it whilst you’re abroad from a nearby shop. How about buying solid versions? Solid perfumes, shampoo, deodorant and even sunscreen are available in solid forms if you look for them.

Getting through the checkpoint

  • Wear sensible shoes – shoes that can easily be removed at the security point.
  • Avoid metal belts etc – so you don’t have to go to the hassle of removing them.
  • Know the rules – check up on the TSA regulations so you know what you’re not allowed to bring and all your hard-work packing doesn’t have to be undone by a security person rooting through your stuff to confiscate your tweezers etc.
  • Empty your pockets of keys/phone/PDAs – so you don’t keep others or yourself waiting.

Hopefully with these tips you can avoid the hassle of airports by becoming a travel pro. To avoid poor airport exchange rates too, visit to compare travel money rates and get the best deal for your holiday money.


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