Ways to find love in Baltimore for single travellers

Ways to find love in Baltimore for single travellers

If you’re a solo traveller and heading to the States, do you know that there are lots of singles bars, pubs, clubs and activities to be had in Baltimore?

Well, you do know – and you heard it here first!

There’s so much to do in Baltimore for singles, in fact, that we’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to it!

Check out our suggestions for invoking Cupid on the holiday of a lifetime…

1) Feeling a bit nautical? Then get along to one of Singles On Sailboats Inc’s social events and share your love of boating with like-minded singles. Just don’t go overboard on the first date.

2) Who says you can’t hurry love? Certainly not Hurry Date – a speed dating service which stages weekly parties across the USA, including Baltimore. It’s fun, it’s discreet and it’s a great way to meet new people from other states and countries.

3) If you’re a bit more of a traditionalist, you should go along to one of the regular singles’ dances held in Maryland by Frederick Singles. It’s the largest organised series of events of its kind in Baltimore and new members are always welcome – no matter how fleeting their visit.

4) It might sound like a party for 12-inch dolls but dismiss MoxieintheCity.net at your peril. Find details of cocktail and lock-in parties in Baltimore and the surrounding area where if you’re game, then plenty of other singles are too!

5) Make sure you take your dancing shoes to the Hollywood Ballroom in Silver Springs where free dance lessons are included in the price. It hosts great events for singles who just want to boogie the night away. But remember, you can’t blame it on the sunshine or moonlight.

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