Sightseeing with Style – Traveler’s Guide to Getting to Know the City

Sightseeing with Style – Traveler’s Guide to Getting to Know the City

Exploring new cities offers adventure, a chance to see the famous places only glimpsed on television and movie screens. With so much to experience, speedy, reliable transportation is a must. But why maneuver city buses, pay a fortune for taxis, or go underground in subways when there are options for traveling above ground, at a swift pace, and tailored to your preferences?

A Bicycle View

The majority of large cities now have multiple options for bike tours, from do-it-yourself bike rental shops to small escorted group outings that lead to the most popular venues. Most shops rent to all ages, and many tours are designed with families in mind. Biking in guided groups is an opportunity to make friends on your travels, enjoying fresh ideas and perspectives from worldwide cultures as you go. Work off vacation pastry indulgences and sleep soundly in an unfamiliar bed after the high quality exercise and outdoor air take you to a place of utter relaxation.


Cities with water access know that travel by boat is a marvelous way to get different perspectives on commonly visited attractions. Though most are familiar with the gondolas of Venice and the canal boats of Amsterdam, less well known are more unusual options in unexpected cities. Imagine Chicago by canoe or Boston by duck boat! Get to know the Paris natives see with Paris river or canal tours. Your travel agent or internet search can show the options available, offering a new point of view on old favorites.

See It by Segway

While Segways never caught on as a solution to the morning commute, the two-wheeled self-balanced personal transporters are a novel way to see the sights of your favorite cities. Vacation is a great time to learn new skills, and Segway tour operators will guide you through safe use of the small vehicles. Designed for bearing maximum weights of approximately 265 pounds, Segways can be used rain or shine to see outdoor attractions in minimum time. Trips are reasonably priced and considered appropriate for riders over the age of 12, though some cities might have higher age limits. Check with your tour operator before booking. Segway tour operators are opening in new locations all the time – established providers can be found in Washington, DC, Atlanta, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Vienna, Budapest, Munich, and San Francisco.

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