The UK’s Top 5 Scariest Places

The UK’s Top 5 Scariest Places

When it comes to ghouls, legends and folklore, the UK can certainly hold its own. That’s why we thought we’d give you the heads up on good old Blighty’s scariest destinations.

Culloden, Inverness – Scotland

The Battlefield of Culloden is one place that’s guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and its thought that the ghosts of the Scottish soldiers who once fought here still roam the heather-carpeted land today. Visit their graves and imagine the bloody scenes as they went into battle. Even if the spirits don’t move you, their story certainly will. But don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself:

Dartmoor, Devon – England

Familiar with the novel ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’? You should be! The much celebrated literary work was penned after author Arthur Conan Doyle’s visit to the misty moors of Dartmoor. Such is Dartmoor’s occult status that it not only inspired the book, but has become the venue for a number of witch hunts and séances. In fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to the spot:

Glamis Castle, Glamis – Scotland

Glamis Castle, which was once the late Queen Mother’s childhood home, is not only one of the most beautiful in Scotland, it’s the most haunted. Here, you can experience true tales from the crypt – the most common being of the devil himself playing cards behind the stone walls. The castle was also the fictional setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth and anyone who’s ever been will see why. But there are further secrets to unlock, including those in the pet cemetery and of the old woman who weeps in the chapel:

Lunan Lodge, Montrose – Scotland

Lunan Lodge is thought to be Britain’s most haunted B&B, with its current residents reporting ghost sightings on a near-daily basis. The sounds of little girls laughing and irate men can be heard filling the walls at any given time and the house’s cold spots are a dead give-away. Owners Sam and Jules have even set up their own ghost safaris for guests to experiment with dowsing rods and ESP equipment. Rumour has it that they even have DVD footage of resident ghost ‘The Shouty Man’. Fancy a safari that’s more bewitching than wild?

The Tower of London, London – England

It might not automatically spring to mind as one of the scariest places on the map, but the Tower of London has a gruesome history which even Henry VIII would be proud of. In fact, it’s said that one of his past wives, Anne Boleyn, haunts the structure as a headless ghost. Add to the mix, hundreds – if not thousands – of real life ghost sightings and a back catalogue of torture, capital punishment and imprisonment spanning more than 900 years.

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