Last minute holiday checklist

Last minute holiday checklist

Image: Ben Falcifer on Flickr

With so many great holiday deals up for grabs, we are sometimes too quick to book them, pack our suitcases and jet off without thinking to consider the all important travel essentials. Out of date passport? Neglected pets? No travel money?

Never encounter last-minute chaos again;  work through our checklist…

    1. Book travel insurance absolutely essential but always forgotten, particularly when booking a last minute holiday! Luckily, insurance can be bought right up to the day of travel so it really couldn’t be easier to buy and better still, it’s fairly cheap, so there’s no reason to put it off.
    2. Travel Documents Double check your passport is in date at your time of travel before you book. Passports can take up to three months to replace and without one, you will really struggle to leave the country, this applies to a Visa as well so be sure to obtain one in time of travel
    3. Contact bank If you are planning on using a credit card abroad, contact your bank and let them know where you are travelling to and how long you’ll be away. A number of banks do not authorise foreign card payments so it’s good practise to inform your bank before your card gets declined abroad.
    4. Vaccinations Some countries require you to be vaccinated against certain diseases before travelling. If you don’t have these and you become ill, a subsequent travel insurance claim may be rejected. Better to be safe than sorry!
    5. Airport Parking can be extremely expensive when left to the last minute especially when needed it for a long duration. Be sure to book your parking straight after your holiday to ensure the cheapest and fairest deal which will save you a substantial amount of money.

Image: Claire Hansen on Flickr

  1. Baggage Allowance varies between airlines so its crucial to check how much you can take on board to avoid leaving anything behind or paying considerable charges. You still can’t take liquids in your hand luggage if they exceed 100ml and must be stored in a clear bag.
  2. Cancel milk and paper Surprisingly, the most forgotten of all. Paying for something you won’t be using can easily be avoided by cancelling delivery in advance for the duration you are away and can also easily be resumed when you are back.
  3. Pets don’t leave them until the last minute. It is very unlikely that you will find space in a cattery or kennel at short notice so do the research as early as possible so your pets are cared for the moment you leave.
  4. Travel money  Don’t buy your money at the airport or bank as exchange rates are extremely poor. Providers such as offer online services where you can order your currency over the internet and have it delivered to home or work at your convenience.
  5. Lock everything away BBQ’s and garden furniture should be locked up in a shed or garage before going away. If anything is stolen that was not locked away, an insurance claim may be rejected.

Written by Sofia Kluge on Google+



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