Weekly Mystery Shop | Save up to 10% online!

Weekly Mystery Shop | Save up to 10% online!

MyTravelMoney.co.uk Mystery Shop

£600 worth of €urosExchange RateAmount of €Mid Market Rate% Margin applied by provider
Travel FX - Online1.245748.3651.2621.363
Icici - Online1.241746.0211.2621.672
Moneycorp - Online1.241746.0211.2621.672
Lloyds - Highstreet1.197719.3971.2625.181
Barclay's - High Street1.194717.5941.2625.419
Moneycorp - Gatwick1.139684.5391.2629.776
Travelex - Heathrow1.134681.2941.26210.203

MyTravelMoney Mystery Shop data is collected in real time on July 29th from 10:30am-10:45am

Key Findings

  • Online currency specialists help you compare travel money options, ultimately finding you the best deal.
  • When buying your travel money the exchange rate is the key indicator to gaining the best value on your chosen currency.
  • Banks and airports that offer 0% commission are merely misleading marketing gimmicks and should be ignored.
  • Don’t take a chance missing your flight by waiting in line at the airport to exchange your currency last minute. Plan in advance and save.

Co-founder of MyTravelMoney Daniel Abrahams comments:

“Why would anyone go straight to an airport bureau rather than checking online when the difference in the markup can be as large as 10%. We believe in getting British holidaymakers the best and fairest deal on their currency! In real money terms, we want to save up to £100 on every £1000 you convert.”

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Aviva Tabachnik is Partnerships Executive at MyTravelMoney.co.uk - google +


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