World’s Best Lingerie Destinations

World’s Best Lingerie Destinations

Perhaps you are looking for that little lift in mind and spirit or simply want to knock the socks of off your partner? Have your next vacation include the world’s best lingerie destinations to get just that. Not only will your holiday be exciting and fun because of the places you visit, but you will also have a guide to the best lingerie and tantalising garments money can find

Washington DC

Sure, you told your family and friends that you are visiting the heart of the US government and will be touring serious political venues, hoping to shake hands with power-makers. No doubt you will be doing this. However, you will also squeeze in time to make a beeline straight to Coup de Foudre Lingerie. Known around the world as the one of the most elegant shopping venues for lacy nothings and filmy, enticing bras to envelop those globes of perfection, enter the perfumed hall of the rich and famous. When you return home with roses in your cheeks and that extra special glow, your friends will remark that you must have done a lot of walking. You can simply smile and agree that indeed you did some walking, straight into lingerie heaven.


Who can talk about lingerie without mentioning Paris? In between the dark halls of the Louvre and windy ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, choose from any number of quintessentially French lace goodies. Five generations of hips and thighs have squeezed into Balenciaga or the Alice Cadolle. Corsets and luxury ready-to-wear tiny nothings worn out of sight is the norm for most sophisticated women.


Meet the “Bra Lady of Cyprus” also known as “Guinness Bra Lady.” Skevi is the queen of breast metamorphosis and brings 30 years of cupping beauties in perfection. Not only are her bra fitting centres in Cyprus but also in Greece, Balkans, Russia, Middle East so there is no chance you will miss her trained staff and organized events just for women. Skevi knows how to bring ladies up to attention. Every woman, no matter the shape, size or age will feel like dancing after they have left her tender care. You will be a transformed lady after meeting with your personal expert bra fitter.

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