Costa Rica’s Chachagua Rain Forest Hotel Offers Visitors a Host of Adventures

Costa Rica’s Chachagua Rain Forest Hotel Offers Visitors a Host of Adventures

Costa Rica is home to some of the most diverse rain forest habitats on the planet, and the Chachagua Rain Forest Hotel is located right in the heart of the most spectacular sights. A working cattle ranch, this hotel is in the Tilaran Mountain range, inside the privately owned and maintained Chachagua rain forest. Most enjoy hiking the miles of trails around the property, catching sight of a wide variety of birds and mammals.

More than one hundred distinct kinds of birds are often spotted by guests, including the red-legged honey-creeper, the blue-gray tanager, and the white-crowned flycatcher. Threatened mammal species such as jaguars, peccaries, ocelots, and tapirs make their home in the area, and lucky visitors might get a glimpse. Hear the cry of the howler monkey from your private porch area, and come across two kinds of sloths on your way to breakfast. Wildlife and bird enthusiasts will all find something to enjoy.

The hotel is close to some of the most remarkable Costa Rican attractions, including the Venado Cavers for spelunkers, Lake Arenal’s windsurfing and fishing, and white water rafting and tubing on the Penas Blancas River. Explore the imposing Arenal Volcano and the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge.

Tired guests will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Costa Rica’s own hot springs. Then climb into bed in your comfortable suite, which features a hot water shower and a ceiling fan.

Those who prefer to stay on the property have no shortage of activities, as horseback riding, a rain forest tour, hiking, biking, and swimming will fill up endless days. Knowledgeable guides stand at the ready to assist you in making the most of your time here. Of particular interest to gardeners and local food advocates is the fact that the ranch grows its own pineapple, papaya, black beans, squash, and manioc. Beef, poultry, and dairy products are also produced onsite, so the meals incorporate some of the freshest ingredients you will ever taste.

While the hotel is known for is eco-friendly operation, you will lack none of the comforts you expect. Amenities include WIFI access, laundry service, massage, jacuzzi, restaurant, bar, and gift shop. Enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer at the Chachagua Rain Forest Hotel.

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