A traveller’s guide to places you’re not allowed to visit around the world.

A traveller’s guide to places you’re not allowed to visit around the world.

So you probably know there are certain places you’re not allowed to go such as Area 51. However there are a lot more places you’re not allowed to visit than you probably think! MyTravelMoney.co.uk is here to show you five more.

Poveglia, Venice

Poveglia is a small island situated in the Venetian Lagoon in Italy. It’s off-limits to visitors due to it being, apparently, haunted. According to folklore the island was quarantine to victims of plagues and illnesses and the place of death for over 160,000 people. Another legend tells of a doctor in a mental health institute who tortured patients before going mad and throwing himself off the bell tower. The mentioned institute did exist although it is officially described as a retirement home. Whilst evidence shows that at least parts of the building was used for the housing mental patients at some point, it’s thought to be unlikely there is much truth to the latter legend.

The Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

The Ise Grand Shrine is a collection of more than one hundred shrines and was founded in around 4BC. It is the most sacred in Japan. Dedicated to the sun goddess (Amaterasu), the shrine is demolished and rebuilt every 20years in line with their belief of death and rebirth. If this sounds like a place you’d like to visit then unfortunately you’ll be sad to hear it’s most probably never going to happen. The only person who is allowed to enter is the priest or priestess who must also be a member of the Japanese imperial family. It’s a shame we’re unlikely to see any more of the stunning architecture than the thatched roof that peeks over the four tall fences.

Bohemian Grove, California

Bohemian Grove is a mysterious men-only club who meet up for a two week festival every July. The members are some of the most powerful people in the world including prominent business leaders, government officials, artists and musicians. Allegedly, the festival is home to pagan inspired rituals such as the ‘creation of care’ as well as staging entertainment with the help of their talented members. Only four women have been granted honorary membership and the last was granted before 1928. Many videos and photos have surfaces supposedly being taken at Bohemian Grove as well as member lists but not many of us will ever get to find out the truth. To be honest if reports of what goes on there are true then it sounds a little like an immature boys club but, with its members being the elite of the world, we’ll keep that thought to ourselves.

Most of Niihau Island, Hawaiian Islands

In 1915 the Robison family closed off most off Niihau island to tourists in order to preserve the wildlife and culture of the 130-or-so native inhabitants. Mobile phones, televisions and radios are not permitted and horseback is the main form of transportation as well as some bikes. Although rare helicopter tours are allowed there to bring in some money, contact with locals is strictly avoided. No wonder it’s coined the nickname ‘Forbidden Island’.

Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico

Lechuguilla Cave is the sixth longest cave in the world but you’d be mistaken to guess that’s what it’s famous for. The cave is known for it’s pristine condition, unusual geology and rare formations. Mainly, you’re not allowed in so you don’t ruin it. It has stalactites and stalagmites by the dozen as well as gorgeous pools and gypsum chandeliers (twinkling white gypsum branches hanging from ceiling that are so soft that they can disintegrate at a single touch). Due to it’s fragility and the fact that it’s home to formations and troglobionts (cave-dwelling animals) that exist nowhere else in the world, visits are limited to just ten per year and, unless you’re an expert caver, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to visit.

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