How to avoid jetlag on international flights

How to avoid jetlag on international flights

Even if you’re a frequent flyer, jetlag can often strike at the most inopportune times. But there are a few steps you can take to minimize the tiredness – leaving you free to enjoy international flights and all that awaits you at your final destination.

Top tips on avoiding international jetlag

  • Drink plenty of water. Most major airlines provide free soft drinks and water at various intervals throughout the flight. Make sure you take full advantage and get as many liquids into your body as you possibly can – not only to beat fatigue, but to avoid dehydration and the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).
  • Try to take a nap on the flight. By napping at times you would normally sleep, you’ll save upsetting your body clock to much and give yourself time to adjust to the new zone.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol – either in the airport or on the flight. While a couple of glasses are fine, too much alcohol will leave you dehydrated and feeling lousy and tired once you arrive. You may even have a hangover to boot.
  • Eat little and often. Again, try to eat when you normally would so your metabolism isn’t too upset by the change. Eating little and often will sustain your energy levels as you travel but won’t leave you feeling full up or lethargic early on into your trip.
  • Get up and walk around – perhaps every 20 minutes. It’ll not only give you more energy, but will leave you less at risk of developing DVT.
  • Buy a first class ticket – how practical this is I do wonder. Nevertheless, if you are willing to part with the best part of £3,000 or you have some air miles racked up, give it a whirl. You will certainly pay a hefty price but beat the international jetlag!
  • Pick the destination accordingly – keep the jetlag in mind. If you are a real sufferer, it may not be wise to disorientate yourself too much. Cross Australia and the West Coast of America off the list. Los Angeles is particularly awful

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