Weekly Mystery Shop | Markups As Low As 1%

Weekly Mystery Shop | Markups As Low As 1%

MyTravelMoney.co.uk Mystery Shop

£600 worth of €urosExchange RateAmount of €Mid Market Rate% Margin applied by provider
Icici Bank - Online1.229738.8691.2481.500
TravelFX - Online1.226736.6461.2481.796
Moneycorp- Online1.225736.1051.2481.868
Lloyds - Highstreet1.185712.1251.2485.065
Barclay's - High Street1.181709.7811.2485.378
Moneycorp - Gatwick1.127677.0871.2489.736
Travelex - Heathrow1.123675.0431.24810.009

MyTravelMoney Mystery Shop data is collected in real time on August 19th from 10:30am-10:45am

Key Findings

  • Don’t waste a minute waiting in line at an airport bureau or a Pound in your currency exchange, compare options online!
  • 0% Commission? I don’t think, we call your bluff!
  • Online currency specialists offer markups as low as 1%, that’s a save!
  • Banks may tell you no fees, but there’s no feeking way that’s true.

Co-Founder at MyTravelMoney Stevan Litobac comments:

“If you look back you’ll see that history repeats itself! Banks and airport bureaus repeatedly claim ‘0% Commission’ which is nothing more than a misleading strategy to get you to do business with them. Online specialists can offer you a more transparent way to buy your holiday money. Research your options! ”

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Aviva Tabachnik is Partnerships Executive at MyTravelMoney.co.uk - google +


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