Top 5 Cycling Holidays

Top 5 Cycling Holidays

Ever dreamt of cruising through the vineyards in Spain? Maybe you just like the idea of exploring the sights of Japan on bike, taking in the sights as you whizz past with the wind blowing through your hair. Why not make this fantasy, a dream come true? Cycling holidays are a great way to enjoy an active pastime, explore a new country and meet some great people. To help you get an idea of some of the great tours out there, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 cycling holidays.

Hi there and welcome to another episode of MyTravelMoneyTV. Following the success of our video on the top 5 campsites in France, we decided to put together another active holiday themed video. We’re not talking abseiling hotspots or zorbing destinations. No, we’re just talking about that wonderful piece of apparatus with two wheels that requires absolutely no petrol. Yes, it’s a bicycle! So we’ve been very good to you and put together the top 5 cycling holidays, their routes and what sights you will see to get you pumped, excuse the pun, for that next cycling holiday!
Rioja And Ribera Del Duero Bike Tour, Spain
Love to keep fit but love a glass of vino in the evening to unwind? How about the Rioja region in Spain! Not only will you be treated to delicious wines from the region but the local cuisine is pretty amazing too! Think tapas and patatas bravas. Organised cycling tours are available and rated at a gentle level and even include accommodation and gourmet meals. Oh and the weather is beautiful too!

Lake District Cycling Adventure, Patagonia
Here’s one you’ve probably never associated with cycling before. Patagonia. For the more experienced cyclists out there, these routes are rated at moderate to advanced. The route takes you around Patagonia and Altiplano with sights such as the Andes, lakes and glaciers. The tour also includes the National Parks of Lauca which is home to the Lago Chungara, the highest lake in the world. Still not swayed? How about the spectacular wildlife you will see on your way such as alpacas, flamingos and llamas!

Tea & Temples Cycling Adventure, Japan
And then we throw in another wild card, well not really, it’s pretty amazing its Japan! So this route starts in Kyoto where you’ll experience the calm of the Zen temples and gardens which lead off the beaten path across Japan’s coast following the island of Honshu. You will then have the chance to visit the island of Kyushu boasting many volcanoes such as Mt Aso. What’s so great about this tour? Thrill seekers will love the ride across the side of the caldera, full of volcanic craters and sulphur pools. Too much? That’s why the tour includes a well earned Japanese bath and fabulous local cuisine at traditional Japanese Inns at the end of the day.

Cuban Revolutions Cycling Adventure, Cuba
So then we move on to Cuba! Way off the beaten path, this route takes you to the less visited side of the island, through the heart and then on to Havana. The tours takes you through many historic cities taking back roads and cycling through remote villages and up to the mountains. Again, the end of the day will allow you to kick back and relax and maybe even sip on some daiquiris or mojitos.

The Danube Cycling Tour, Austria
Ok lets go a bit more local now, well, Austria. This route actually starts in Passau, Germany and moves its way along the countryside and river to Engelhartszell in Austria. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenic views of valleys and vineyards and experience European culture at its best. This tour also allows the option for detours and boat trips if you want to stray off the beaten track.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 cycling holidays and have got you pumped for some bicycle action! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to tweet us @MyTravelMoneyUK

Written by Sofia Kluge on Google+


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