Visiting Rome and the Vatican

Visiting Rome and the Vatican

The Vatican is home to many museums and the rich history of Rome. Visit to learn about Rome and view amazing art and churches.

Visiting the Vatican

There are a few things to keep in mind before visiting the Vatican on vacation. You will have to remember that you are not only visiting museums and art, but a holy place for Christians around the globe. Do not visit and wear casual clothing and expect to allowed entrance into the famous St. Peter’s Basilica. You don’t need to wear formal wear, but both men and women must have their knees and shoulders covered at all times. If a guard doesn’t allow you to enter, do not debate with them, simply change your outfit and come back at another time when you’re dressed more appropriately.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Entrance to the Basilica is free. Once you are inside of the Basilica, you can pay to climb the stairs to go to the dome of the Basilica. If you are religious, you can also check the schedule and go at a time where they will be holding services. You can also attend confession at the Basilica.


The Grottoes offer amazing views when you’re visiting Rome. Here you can see the burial grounds of past popes, as well as the Roman “city of the dead.” You can also see the excavation of St. Peter’s tomb. There are beautiful bronze tombs and stolls that will teach you about the history of St. Peter and the Archbishops.


There are many tours available. If you would like to walk, you might consider printing out the famous Fr. Carolan’s tour guide. He created this for visitors who want to explore by themselves. It is available for download online, so you may have the map in advance. There are also paid tours offered by the seminarians (people who are studying to become priests) every day. Many tourist companies also offer tours, but you must find their meeting place in advance.

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