5 Exotic holidays that will save your marriage

5 Exotic holidays that will save your marriage

You and your partner have been working hard and feel disconnected from each other. It is time for that yearly vacation and instead of doing the same old thing, put some fire in the furnace and plan an exotic vacation that will save your marriage.

Don’t Blush

The idea of kissing on the beach, secreted away under a palm tree is titillating and unique. Why not choose a vacation spot, such as Cancun, Mexico to explore the warm waters and jungle spots for love making? Of course, taking care to watch for sea life or coconuts falling from above , which will leave you and your partner laughing and gasping for more.

It Might Be An Igloo But You Won’t Freeze

Warm and snuggled in, trek to Greenland for the love trip of a lifetime. You will create excitement and zip in your marriage by doing what the Inuits do – rub noses in an igloo in steamy heaven. Globes of light scatter the landscape and your melted ice will make a perfect cup of tea in the aftermath of passion.

Sailboats and Scotland

It might seem like the two do not go hand-in-hand but the exhilarating ride of the Vikings as you navigate coastal waters, will set your marriage back into safe seas. Glorious sunsets, languid waterways pass by as you and your spouse wander through tiny villages greeted with satisfying meal of freshly caught fish and local fare.

China to Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express

The sounds of clacking train tracks and the aroma of times past will lull most marriages into dreamy times of lush romantic trysts and innuendo. For 17 days, surrounded by magical scenery and butlers with champagne, you will get special bragging rights for lovemaking all the way to China and back. In St. Petersburg or Vladivostok, there is much to do on board in between bunk escapades. Save your marriage on a train ride to history without the war.

Hot, Hot and More Hot

You want hot for your next holiday? Head to Oman on the Arabian Peninsula. You are guaranteed a spectacular setting where clothes are light and Bedouin tents beckon as refreshing oases of infatuation and lust. Imagine the mystery of your lover captured amongst the pashas and pillows. Forever, the memories of the impassioned heat will catapult any marriage into a blissful future.

Remember to buy holiday money for your next passion getaway and take advantage of five exotic holidays to save your marriage or maybe, just boost it.


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