Top 10 Most Ridiculous Mistakes People Make When Travelling

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Mistakes People Make When Travelling
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Travelling can bring out silly behaviour in the best of us. Going on holiday is exciting and a much longed for treat for most people so it’s only natural for one to go a little crazy, be a little forgetful or to get things wrong on a colossal scale. Here are ten of some of the ridiculous mistakes people make whilst travelling around the world. If you live in or have ever lived in a tourist town you’ll no doubt be wise to many of these observations!

Never Stepping Foot Outside Your Resort
So, you’ve booked a 5 star resort in Egypt and you’re planning on spending every single waking minute next to the pool. Don’t you think you could be missing out a little? There’s a rich and rewarding world out there and the pool will still be there when you get back. From excursions to diving trips and market visits to famous landmarks, there is a wealth of things to do outside of your resort walls.

Taking Photos Of Everything
A fire hydrant, a squirrel, the dinner on your plate, a funny street sign – these are just some of the random and often pointless things that could make it into your photo album and onto your Facebook feed. In fact, Facebook and other social networking platforms have turned us into trigger happy snappers and sharers and the whole process can cheapen your holiday experience. Sometimes it’s nice to just put the camera down and enjoy the experience.

Becoming A Law Breaker (Intentionally Or Not)
When you visit another country it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you keep within the law. Starting a fight, dropping some trash on the street or even chewing gum – these are just some of the ways you could end up in the slammer overnight or for longer. Remember, travel insurance usually won’t cover you against an extended stay due to criminal behaviour so do your best to ensure you are a law abiding citizen at all times.

Forgetting To Take Out Travel Insurance
Staying on the same subject of travel insurance, forgetting or avoiding travel insurance is another ridiculous mistake travellers make every year. Travel insurance for a 2 week trip can cost as little as £20 and is possibly the best investment you can make when travelling. From medical cover to protection for your mobile devices, your travel insurance could get you out of a lot of trouble and give you complete peace of mind whilst you are away.

Avoiding Local Cuisine And Seeking Out The Food From Back Home
Going on holiday is the perfect excuse for trying out new foods and culinary experiences. You don’t need to be a die hard foodie to appreciate local foods either. Paella in Madrid, Bouillabaisse in Marseilles or Enchiladas in Mexico City – these are just some of the wonderful flavours and experiences you could be missing out on if you skip the local delicacies in favour of Macdonalds or a Hard Rock Cafe.

Expecting All Shops And Restaurants To Accept Credit Cards
Credit and debit cards have never been accepted in so many places. They are convenient, quick and easy to carry around. However, there are going to be many instances when travelling where you will find your piece of plastic holds no value. Carrying an emergency backup supply of the local currency will ensure you can pay in cash when it is required.

Not Making Any Effort To Fit In
So, how do you avoid blatantly standing out as “the tourists” whilst on holiday? Sticking out like a sore thumb can not only be bad for your street cred but can also make you a target for criminals. It’s probably best to avoid taking out your cash, camera and worldly belongings in a crowded place, wearing clothing bearing the name of the town you are visiting or wrestling with a huge map if you want to make an attempt to fit in. You can always sneakily use your mobile to work out where you are and where to go next.

Complaining Loudly About The Price Of Everything

Getting annoyed about prices in Paris should be something you do when planning your holiday at home, and not whilst you are sitting in a restaurant on the Champs Elysees. Set a holiday budget before you travel so you know exactly what you are up against.

Expecting Everybody To Speak English
Okay, so you’re down in Provence and looking to secure a good table in a fine restaurant. The only problem is the waiter doesn’t understand English. So you wave madly, shout louder in English (as if this will help) and get red in the face. If only you had learned a few basic phrases before you got there. A good phrase book, a translation app for your mobile and knowledge of a few words will help you to go far in a foreign land and save you from a lot of embarrassing situations.

Over sharing Your Experiences On Social Media
Remember earlier when we were talking about taking too many photos? Over sharing your photos and experiences can be annoying too. When you post too many status updates or tweets you are really saying “I care more about showing off about where I am than I care about actually being here.” Wait until you get back to share your adventures in one go rather than sharing every single moment of your journey when you are there.

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